How to create a parked domain

A parked domain is a second (or third or fourth…) domain name which points to your website. In other words these are alternative or variations on your website domain names. For instance, we have both which are the same website.

For a small business hosting their website this could be handy and easily setup on the php web server in Cpanel. You’ll need to go to Cpanel, which is found at Log in with your username and password.

4 Steps to Create a Parked Domain

Once you’ve logged into cpanel, to setup your website hosting’s parked domains, follow these easy steps:

       1.  Find the domains section and click on Parked Domains

        2.  In the parked domains section, fill in the new domain name the first box. It will have a green check mark when its satisfied that you’ve entered a correct domain name.

        3.  Click on “Add Domain”

        4.  When the screen refreshes, scroll down a little and you will see the newly parked domain in the listing.

That’s as simple as it is to setup a new parked domain onto your website hosting account.

Now you have two final steps. You need to register the domain name with a domain name registrar, and you need to read the article “The Correct Way to Park Multiple Domains and Avoid Duplicate Content Problems” to ensure that your parked domain name does not get you into trouble with the search engines for duplicate content.
With PHP Web Host, once you’ve set up your parked domains, you can setup email addresses for them in Cpanel too. As an example, we use [email protected] and based on our parked domains!

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